Strengthening the hemophilia B community bond.

Mentors and mentees build leadership skills together in Oregon.

Young adults develop their personal leadership style in South Florida.

People with hemophilia B get financial help to further their education.

Practical, engaging speaker sessions about being active in everyday life.

Aptevo Therapeutics is a proud sponsor of the Generation IX Project.

Aptevo Therapeutics is proud to be the sole sponsor of the popular Coalition for Hemophilia B Generation IX Project, a unique outdoor educational program designed specifically for those living with hemophilia B.

Led by Pat “Big Dog” Torrey and the team at Gut Monkey, the Generation IX Project supports the hemophilia B community with a series of mentorship, advocacy, and leadership programs that challenge, educate, motivate, and empower participants to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities.

Applications for the next Generation IX Project program will open in 2019. Sign up to keep informed about Generation IX programs, and follow the Generation IX Project on Facebook or connect with the Coalition for Hemophilia B for the latest program updates.

Participants said...

"By far the best program I've been a part of"1

"I'll always remember helping others overcome challenges and overcoming some myself"1

The Generation IX Mentorship Project

The Generation IX Project is an innovative mentorship program for teens and young adults. People with hemophilia B aged 14 to 30 work together as mentors and mentees to build the leadership and life skills they need to succeed.

  • Mentors aged 18 to 30 will receive leadership training that will serve them long after the program.
  • Mentees aged 14 to 17 receive guidance and support for a truly rewarding experience.

Generation IX Community Leaders Project

The Generation IX Community Leaders Project is an opportunity for young adults that live with hemophilia B to develop interpersonal skills and find their very own personal leadership style. Participants travel to South Florida and work as a group to overcome challenges that will equip them to become future leaders in the hemophilia B community.

  • Open to anyone living with hemophilia B who is aged 18 to 35
  • Participants will learn how to lead and become active members of the bleeding disorders community

GutMonkey will be leading the Project through a partnership with the Coalition for Hemophilia B and with support from Aptevo Therapeutics. Look for dates for the next session of the next Generation IX Community Leaders Project.

Aptevo B More Scholarship™

The Scholarship is specifically for hemophilia B patients to assist with the cost of furthering their education.

  • Recipients receive a scholarship to use for any type of post-high school education.
  • Scholarships cover undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, trade schools, and certifications in the United States. Enrollment can be part time or full time.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria.
  • There is no age limit.

For more information and a link to apply, please visit

Our B Active speaker sessions help enrich peoples’ lives with practical, informative, and engaging activities that help you “B Active” on a regular basis.

Speak with your Hemophilia Territory Manager about how your patients can attend interactive talks.


Pain management approaches and medication abuse considerations when treating patients with hemophilia (PWH)

Chronic pain and opioid abuse are clear challenges for people with hemophilia, caretakers, and treating HCPs. Because of this, several patients and family members of PWH thought it would be useful if a discussion among practitioners who manage pain associated with hemophilia was facilitated.

Participants in this program will:

  • Analyze current literature on pain and hemophilia, including the results of the National Pain Study
  • Focus on various tools for assessing and monitoring potential opioid abuse
  • Review red flags for recognizing pain medication addiction

The session will conclude with an overview of alternative pain management strategies and the importance of the patient's "pain team".


Facing the Pain of Hemophilia

Dealing with chronic pain and medication abuse

As someone with hemophilia, you may experience physical pain every day. This program helps you understand the full impact that pain has on you and your family. You'll discover useful tips to recognize potential pain medication abuse. And you'll get details on complementary therapies that might help you better deal with pain.

FACTOR IN the Family: Women and girls can and do have hemophilia

Women with hemophilia B don’t just face unique bleeding challenges—getting the right diagnosis and treatment can be an uphill battle. This program will help all community members advocate for girls and women who have a bleeding disorder, understand the obstacles the “carrier” label may bring, and discover why factor level alone may not dictate a woman’s need for treatment.

How Not to Marry Your Mother

If someone has hemophilia, is factor all it takes to cut the apron strings? Helps your patients gauge their independence readiness. This interactive presentation will provide patients with resources and self-management tools to help with self-sufficiency and increased confidence.

Using Fitness to Fight Back

Discover how physical fitness can help defend against injury for people with hemophilia. Patients can learn how to safely utilize fitness components like flexibility, core stability, strength training, and body movements to help prepare their body for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Rebuilding the Body With Diet

Understand the components of food to help balance not only a plate, but an entire day’s nutrition. Show how specific patterns in diet may impact areas affected by hemophilia. A healthy diet can be fun and affordable, and help to build a strong, resilient body.

Reconnecting the Mind and Body Through Fitness

The power of the mind is infinite. Help patients learn how the power of the mind is suppressed through stress and activated through relaxation. Patients can tap into this power by entering present moment awareness and discover how having a healthy mind can help deal with obstacles caused by hemophilia to unleash their fitness potential and enhance athletic performance.

Our focus: Give you an experience that’s anything but ordinary.

At Aptevo Therapeutics, our goal is to help people with hemophilia B by:

Providing high-quality, specialized therapies for people with rare conditions

Connecting with people to learn about their needs

Developing empowering programs that enrich peoples' lives

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Aptevo's resource programs are available to all eligible patients regardless of treatment.

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