Watch IXINITY® patients share their success stories

IXINITY helps people with hemophilia B live life on their own terms

Discover why people are switching. Hear what IXINITY patients are saying about bleed control, flexible factor IX dosing, switching factor, and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Bleed control

IXINITY resolved most bleeds with just 1 infusion.1*

Flexible dosing

24-hour half-life1 helps patients achieve peak factor IX levels when needed.

Switching to IXINITY

“I’m happy I talked with my doctor and decided to switch to IXINITY.”

Maintaining an active lifestyle

Flexible dosing for your patients’ active, everyday lives.

Medexus Pharma:
Making Connections That Matter

With programs like FACTOR IT FORWARD, Medexus works to ensure patients with factor IX deficiency get the coverage they need.

Support for women

Addressing hemophilia in women by helping female patients get the care they deserve.

A company that cares

For your patients who value a company that puts patients first.

Reference: 1. IXINITY [coagulation factor IX (recombinant)] prescribing information. Chicago, IL: Medexus Pharma, Inc.; November 2022.

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